Business & Financial Consulting

We understand that nobody knows your business better than you do. Our hands-on approach business consultation begins with getting to know you, know your business and better understand your goals. Once we have that information, we can help you identify opportunities to increase business efficiency and profitability, identify tax-saving opportunities and develop a strategic plan for you the future.

In our day to day servicing of our clients, we are constantly identifying areas where we can help our clients in their strategic planning and financial management goals. While the needs of your company are unique as the nature of your company, your financial challenges are not unique to our firm based on our experience as our clients’ most trusted advisors.

We work with small-sized and large businesses throughout Nigeria and Africa.

1. Mergers and acquisitions

2. International tax planning

3. Budgeting

4. Auditing and assurance

5. Benchmarking

6. Compensation plans

7. Buy/sell consulting

8. Exit and succession planning


  • Oluwayemisi
    "It's such an opener, well-done Ma’am!"

    Strategic Educational Limited
  •   "The programme was quite interesting and a big plus not just on my job, but most importantly to my personal development. The programme has really inspired and transformed my attitude."
  • Akeusola Remi
    "It was impactful and will always ask for more."
    Akeusola Remi
    CityDia Supermarket
  • Musa
    "The programme is fantastic and has increased my confidence level."  
    Capital Fields Investment Group Limited
  • Oluwakemi Adisa
    "I admire her energy and openness, she too real and approachable and this made it very easy to learn as we all brought down walls and were ready to receive all that she had to offer."  

    Oluwakemi Adisa
    Orangeline Limited
  • Oluwatosin Akinloye
    "Charismatic and intriguing describe her. She is a very good and articulate teacher."

    Oluwatosin Akinloye
    CeceYara Foundation
  • Alexander
    "Abisola is a professional; I will like to be her audience over and over again."

    Capital Field Limited


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