HR Support Services

Our unique HR Support model makes it possible for small, medium (SMEs) and large sized businesses, to have access to and benefit from a full-fledged and professional HR function without the financial and logistical burdens associated with it, while leaving you to focus your time, effort and resources on your core business.

Whether you need to hand over your entire HR function while you handle your company’s everyday business responsibilities or you need to contract only specific areas, HCDC can provide you with all the necessary expertise and functionality while offering a breadth and depth of HR solutions usually available only to the largest companies. Our HR Support services will deliver strategic, tactical and operational HR functions to you on a one-off package and ongoing basis, depending on the nature of the service/function you require.

HCDC provides you with up-to- date and reliable expertise to this end. We provide our HR Support Services through our qualified HR professionals with practical and pragmatic approach. We guide you through the various strands of Human Resource Management. Though we provide these support services, we allow you the flexibility to manage your staff in the way your business requires.


Our HR Services include the following:

1. HR Policy Development/Staff Manuals

2. Organizational Planning

3. Entrenching Culture

4. Performance Management

5. Staff Morale and Motivation

6. Communication & Feedback

7. Structuring Compensation, Reward & Benefits

8. Employee Safety, Welfare, Wellness & Health

9. Career and Succession Planning

10. Recruitment and Selection

11. Training and Development



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